Tuition is paid on a monthly basis and is due by the 1st class of the month.

$10.00 late fee for tuition received after the 7th of each month.

$20.00 fee for all return checks.

Tuition is non-refundable.


Tuition Rates

Monthly Tuition
Class size 8 & more $20.00 per class
Class size 8 & less $25.00 per class

Sibling Rates

No Sibling Rate

$50.00 Registration fee waived

RAD Exam Class

RAD Exam Students

P to G2  required to take 2 classes per week

G3 & above levels required to take 3 classes per week

Trial Class

per student

Private Class

Solo $60.00
per student per half-hour

Drop-In Class

$20.00 per class

Not a tuition payment plan.
Please refer to the “Drop-In Class” section of
the “Student Handbook” for more information.

Registration Fees

Initial Registration Fee

per student

Re-Registration Fee

for students who discontinue
classes for 2 months

Reservation Fee

$25.00 per class

for students who discontinue
classes for 1 month

little ballerina getting ready fto take make-up class

Make-Up Class

No additional charge for a class made up within the same month of a missed class

*Advance notice required